How to Add Rhinestones to a Wedding Dress
Your long sleeve wedding dresses is a day when you can live your greatest fashion fantasy. For many brides, this includes a gown bedecked in glamorous rhinestones. The cost of a wedding dress increases exponentially if it is embellished. If you do not have a budget that accommodates such an expense, you can embellish a dress on your own by stitching rhinestones to the fabric in a process similar to sewing a button. With minimal sewing skills and financial investment, you walk down the aisle in a sparkling, fantasy gown.
Lay the dress flat on your work surface. Place flat-back rhinestones on the dress to test arrangements and patterns. Once you sew the rhinestones to your dress, evidence of the stitches remain in the fabric even if you remove the crystals. Test rhinestone placement before sewing to ensure you embellish the dress properly.

Remove the rhinestones from the dress. Place the stones and their metal brackets on a plate to contain them and make them readily available as you sew. Arrange the stones flat-side down on the plate. Arrange the brackets prong-side up.

Hold a scrap piece of fabric that is similar to the material of your gown. Practice stitching a bracket to the scrap fabric before you begin working on your dress. Insert a threaded needle from the underside of the fabric. Pull the thread through until the knot catches on the material.

Insert the needle through the hole of a rhinestone bracket setting. Allow the bracket to slide down the thread to the fabric. Hold the bracket in place with the thumb of the hand holding the fabric.

Position the tip of the needle immediately beside the bracket, on the outside of the ring. Insert the needle down, through the fabric. Pull the thread through to finish the first stitch. The stitch should go over the ring of the bracket, between two prongs.

Repeat the stitch until there is one between all of the prongs. You should have four stitches total. The stitching should immobilize the bracket. Tie the thread off on the underside of the fabric. Trim the excess thread with scissors.

Place a rhinestone flat side down in the bracket. Fold all four prongs inward with a finger until they are directly on top of the rhinestone. The prongs should immobilize the stone in the setting. Set the scrap fabric aside once you are comfortable with the stitching process.

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